Watch How To Make Candles with Water- & Toys/Diwali Decoration Ideas-2/How to make Water Floating Candle with step by step process, important tips and precise video.

Learn how to transform a plain glass of water into a stunning centerpiece of floating candle. Water floating candles are also known as floating water candles or floating wick candles. These are invisible water floating candles are a delightful way to add a soft, soothing light and cozy atmosphere to you dining table or a room.

In today’s candle making tutorial I am going to show you very different style of making candles at home. For these candles you require no wax, as we will be making these beautiful centerpieces with our kids very precious treasure, which they collect from broken hair pins, bracelets, friendship bands, or any small toy creatures.

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So let’s begin our candle making session….

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Watch How To Make Candles with Water- & Toys/Diwali Decoration Ideas-2/No Wax-Water Floating Candles


Candle #1

  1. For making this candle I am using few old bracelets and rings.
  2. take a plain glass, put bracelets into it.
  3. pour water into the glass.
  4. now pour oil into it. there should be approximately 1 cms thick  layer of oil in the glass above the water.
  5. take a plastic sheet and cut it into a round circle. (You don’t have to be perfect in cutting the circle).
  6. Make a cross cut in the center of this circle.
  7. take a candle wick and tie a knot at one of its end.
  8. Insert the wick into the circle through the cross cut.
  9. carefully place the wick on the oil layer into the glass.
  10. wait for couple of minutes before lighting the candle, so that wick absorbs some oil.

Candle #2

  1. take few small toy creatures. 
  2. place these into the glass.
  3. now repeat all the steps from no. 3 to 10 of candle no. 1

Candle #3

  1. Take glass pebbles, a band with beads and pearls.
  2. Cut the band and take out beads from it.
  3. Put glass pebbles and beads into the glass.
  4. now repeat all the steps from no. 3 to 10 of candle no. 1

Candle #4

  1. Take few marble pebbles, small colorful rings and beads and one big shell.
  2. put all these into a glass.
  3. now repeat all the steps from no. 3 to 10 of candle no. 1.

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