Til Moongfali chikki is a winter special desset which is liked by all . It is a  healthy yet , super crunchy and really delicious dessert which can be relish anytime. You can serve it to your guests or have it as a sweet dish after meals.

Til moongfali chikki is a very easy recipe with very few ingredients such as jaggery, sesame seeds and peanuts. Here I have used dark Jaggery /Gud which gives wonderful caramel flavour to the dish. Sesame seeds are coarsely crushed  which gives these chikkies a  real Gajak taste.



  • Sesamee Seeds / Til    –    150 gms  / 1 cup
  • Peanuts / moongfali     –     100 gms / 2/3 cup
  • Jeggary / Gud               –     250 gms (grated)
  • Oil /  Ghee                    –  2 tsp (for greasing)
  • Water


  1. Take a heavy bottom kadhai and dry roast peanuts at medium to low flame, until  it start to leave its skin. Keep steering. Take it out in a plate and let it come to room temperature.
  2. Now transfer roasted and cool peanuts in a Ziploc  bag, seal it and gently beat/ roll it using a rolling pin. Take care, we just want peanuts to break into halves or three pieces. Beating roasted peanuts in a ziploc bag will help us in two ways; first , the peanuts will not pop all around  and second , its skin will also get separated.
  3. Take the broken peanuts in a plate and discard its skin. Keep it aside.
  4. Meanwhile, in the same kadhai dry roast sesame seeds at medium to low flame until there is slight change in color. Keep steering continuously to prevent burning. Take it out in a  plate to cool.
  5. Once it come to room temperature coarsely grind sesame seeds for 2-3 seconds , mix once and  repeat it again  if required.  Do not powder it or grind it for longer  or else sesame seeds will release  oil. Keep it aside.
  6. Take a plate or tray and grease it with oil or ghee, also grease a rolling pin  and keep it at your reach at your kitchen counter . Also keep sesame seeds, peanuts and sharp knife or a pizza cutter close to you.
  7.  In a heavy bottom kadhai add 1 tbsp water , once it come to a boil, add grated jaggery and cook at medium to high flame until it melts. Reduce the flame to medium to low and cook until you see bubbles in it . Do not over cook jaggery or else our chikkies will get hard.
  8. Reduce the flame to  low and quickly add sesame seeds and broken  peanuts in it .
  9. Mix it quickly until everything gets well  incorporated .
  10. Quickly transfer the hot mixture into the greased plate, combine it together and (using a greased rolling pin ) roll it evenly into one centimeter thickness.
  11. Cut it properly into desired shape and size.
  12. You have to do all these steps quickly while the mixture is hot,  otherwise once it starts to cool it will not combine together.
  13. Let it set for few minutes and then carefully take the chikkies off the plate. Do not leave it for too long, otherwise chikkies will stick to the plate and will get difficult to take it off.
  14. Your crunchy and delicious sesame and groundnut  chikki is ready to serve. Store it in a air tight jar, away from moisture. It stays fresh for weeks.


  • Do not over cook Jaggery, or else it will harden the chikki.
  •  While roasting sesame seeds and peanuts keep steering it continously to prevent burning.
  • Never grind sesame seeds while its hot, otherwise it will release oil and will ruin the flavor.
  • Do not crush peanuts to powder , gently beat it to break into two or three pieces.
  •  Grinding sesame seeds for too long will make it oily. So, grind it just for few seconds, open the mixer jar, mix it once and grind it more for another few seconds . Repeat until you get the desired texture. Grind  small quantity at a time for good result.

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