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Amla fruit in English is known as Indian Gooseberry. Amla is a nutrition rich fruit. It is a potent source of vitamin C and it also contain Iron and calcium.

It is a very versatile fruit and thus it has become a favorite among health conscious masses.

How to eat amla: Amla can be used and consumed in many forms, like you can make amla juice, amla murabba (sweet amla pickle), amla jam, amla achaar (pickle), amla candy, amla supari, amla  churan, amla chutney, dry amla powder and even amla laddo and amla sweets.

Because of its medical properties amla or Indian Gooseberry has been a part of Indian Ayurveda.  Few of the benefits of amla or Indian gooseberry are given below.

Benefits Amla or amla benefits  (Indian Gooseberry)

  1. It boosts immunity and increases metabolic activity
  2. Cures sore throat
  3. Slows down ageing
  4. Reduces pigmentation
  5. Makes skin bright and glowing
  6. Fights against heart disease
  7. Protects liver and purifies blood
  8. Prevents jaundice
  9. Reduces the risk of cancer
  10. Reduces blood sugar
  11. It is high in digestive fiber and thus helps preventing constipation
  12. It prevents ulcers and cools the body
  13. Amla for hair: last but not least amla prevents greying of hair and helps increase hair growth

Traditionally amla murabba is prepared by soaking amla into alum water for 2 days, but today I am going to show you very simple and easy method of making amla murabba. Through this process you can make amla murabba at home in just 1 hour that too with just 2 ingredients that is sugar and amla. You can also make amla murabba with jiggery and amla murabba with honey.

This amla murabba is very delicious and be stored up to a year.

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How to make Amla Murabba at Home / Homemade Amla Murabba Recipe / Amla Murabba /Instant Amla Murabba Recipe/Amla Ka Murabba recipe Video


Ingredients for making Amla Murabba

  • Amla /Indian Gooseberry 1kg
  • Sugar 25 – 1.5 kg
  • Green Cardamom (Elichi) 4 crushed

How to make Amla Murabba

  1. Rinse amla 2 to 3 times thoroughly.
  2. Prick each amla with fork. Try to prick amla closely and deeply till the fork touches seed.
  3. Take enough water in a vessel to cover all the amla’s and bring it to a boil.
  4. Drop all the amla’s into boiling water and give it another boil.
  5. Turn off the flame and let amla sit in the hot water for 3 minutes.
  6. After 3 minutes, take out the amla from water and keep aside.
  7. Now take a wok (avoid taking iron and aluminum wok), add sugar, boiled amla and ½ cup water to it.
  8. Keeping the flame low, cook amla and sugar until all the sugar melts. Keep stirring at regular interval.
  9. Once all the sugar melts and starts to thicken, add crushed cardamom and further cook until it comes to one string consistency.
  10. When you see that amla and sugar has started to change its colour and the syrup has turned light brown, turn off the flame and transfer the amla murabba into a glass container.
  11. The amla murabba is ready but its real taste comes after 2 to 3 days when amla gets soft and sugar syrup is fully absorbed by amla till its center.
  12. After 3 days the amla murabba is ready to consume.


  • Always take bigger and lightly ripen amla for the murabba. Never take dark green amla.
  • Prick the amla closely and deeply till it touches the seed.
  • Leave the prepared amla murabba for 3 days before consuming as its proper taste comes after 2 to 3 days.
  • Always store amla murabba in a clean and dry glass or food grade plastic container.
  • You can also add crushed black pepper and black salt to the amla murabba.
  • I have added 1.25 kg of sugar but if you like more sweetness you can increase the quantity to 1.5 kg.

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