How To Remove Poison from Aloe Vera Gel To Get Clear Glowing Skin💕How to Make Aloe Vera Gel for Face  Know why and how you should apply Aloe Vera Gel on your Skin?? Aloe Vera is extensively used in cosmetics and beauty products, as it treats your skin effectively. Aloe Vera secretes clear gel which has numerous health, skin and hair benefits. It has got anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which when applied, soothes skin and heals wound.

Today we are going to make a very easy yet super effective aloe vera moisturizer which will nourish and make your skin soft and supple all the year round.

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Ingredients required to make this aloe vera gel moisturizer are:

  • Fresh aloe vera leaf
  • Vitamin E capsules
  • Coconut oil
  • Essential oil


  1. To make this aloe vera gel moisturizer wash a freshly cut aloe vera leaf.
  2. Keep it vertically for atleast 30 minutes, so that all the yellow latex or yellow liquid comes out of the leaf.
  3. Again wash the aloe vera leaf and trim its upper and bottom edges.
  4. Cut both the thorny sides and cut open it from between.
  5. Extract its pulp with the help of a spoon.
  6. Pulse the aloe vera gel in a dry and clean grinder for few seconds so that the gel loosens up.
  7. The aloe vera gel is ready, you can use it directly on you face, skin or hair. Or you can even drink it for overall health benefits.
  8. But to increase its efficiency and shelf life we will add few ingredients to it.
  9. The first ingredient we will add is vitamin E capsule. Add 2 capsules of Vitamin E into 4 tbsp of aloe vera gel.  Vitamin E capsules contains powerful antioxidants that protects our skin from harmful radicals, it moisturizes our skin and protects it from harmful UV rays and acne and other skin problems.
  10. The second ingredient is coconut oil. Add 1 tbsp. of coconut oil to 4 tbsp of aloe vera gel. Coconut oil is very mild and absorbs into skin very easily.
  11. Third ingredient is essential oil. It is completely optional if you are using the gel immediately you can leave it. Add 5-6 drops of Lemon essential oil. You can use any essential oil of your choice. Essential oil increases the shelf life of aloe vera gel and relax and calms our tired skin and mind.
  12. Mix all the four ingredients and store the aloe vera gel into a dry and clean container. It can easily last up to 5-6 days at room temperature. Never store aloe vera gel into steel or any metal container.


Let’s talk about few benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin

1.Aloe Vera acts as a great moisturizer

Aloe Vera Gel is 100% oil and grease free, so it is perfect for all type of skin all the year round. It soothes, nourish and moisturizes skin making it glowing and flawless.

2.Aloe Vera Gel fights Ageing

Aloe Vera Gel contains beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and numerous antioxidants which keeps skin hydrated that help improves skin complex, skin’s firmness and thus reduces fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.

3.Aloe Vera fights acne

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that soothes skin and fights against acne causing bacteria.


How to use aloe vera for skin

1.Aloe Vera gel mosturiser

Take some fresh aloe vera gel from aloe vera leaf. Mix coconut oil or olive oil or even almond oil to it. To increase its efficiency and shelf life add vitamin E capsules and few drops of essential oil. Apply it on clean skin and massage gently.

2.Just rub aloe vera leaf

Peel off and open aloe vera leaf into two halves. Scoop out its gel or simply rub it on the skin. Leave it for half an hour and rinse off with water. The water contain in the gel will leave your skin soft, supple and hydrated.


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