Easy Multicolored Floating Candle Making with Crayons/Easy Candle Making for Beginners/candle making with step by step guide, video and precise video. If you are getting ready for a dinner party, wedding, Diwali, Christmas or any seasonal event, floating candles are a great thing to keep in mind. Floating candles are light weight candles and there for they can easily float on top of water.

They are a great centerpiece addition to a dinner table for special occasions. Floating candles add a mesmerizing fantasy charm to whatever environment they are decorating.

Floating candle aren’t difficult to make from home. You can make them big or small; plain white or in different colors and also in variety of shapes ass you like. You can also scent them of your favorite fragrance.

Ingredients for candles can be easily purchased at any art and craft store. Quantity of ingredient may vary, depending on the size and quantity of candles you are making. Basically a candle requires just two ingredients; paraffin wax and candle wick. Other ingredients like essential oils, wax colours or crayons etc. are of your choice.

Todays tutorial of candle making is very simple and easy and you perfect for beginners. Just read all the instructions and watch the video for all the do’s and don’ts. I am making these floating candles in aluminum muffin molds lined with paper cups for easy demolding of candles. Also I have used wax crayons for different colours in the candle but again you can take wax dyes for the same. Number of colour depends on your choice.

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So let’s begin our candle making session….

For full video with all the ingredients, measurements and instructions, please click below –

Ingredients for making (4) floating candle are:

  • Paraffin Wax 250 gms
  • Candle wick
  • Wax crayons
  • Essential oil
  • Muffin molds
  • Paper cups

Method for making candle:

  1. Grate different crayons in separate bowls.
  2. Place wax in a old pan and melt it on lowest heat. You can place a tava or use double boiler for the same.
  3. Keep stirring the wax.
  4. Once melted, turn off the heat and add 1/3 tsp of essence oil to the wax.
  5. Pour the wax into each crayon shaving bowl and mix to get the colour.
  6. Now to get the wax crumbles, keep on stirring coloured wax until they come to crumbly texture. Keep on scratching and mixing the wax that get settled on the sides of the bowl. (you can watch the video for visual demonstration.)
  7. When the wax comes to luke warm temperature, get ready to make floating candle. You have to be really quick in making the candles.
  8. Place paper muffin cups into each of the muffin mold.
  9. Fix candle wick with little wax at the center of the mold.
  10. Keep on layering different coloure wax in each mold and press them firmly so that no air bubble remains in between the layers.
  11. Take care that the wick remains at the centre of the candle.
  12. Heat a spoon back on direct heat of burner and glide it on the top layer of the candle to smoothen the top surface.
  13. Let the candle set for 2 hours and then remove the paper cup.
  14. Trim off its extra edges and cut the extra wick.
  15. Your multicolored floating candle is ready to float in water.

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