Bel ka Sharbat / Bel Juice

Bel ka Sharbat / bel juice is a natural cooler which when consumed before lunch and dinner reduces heat and thirst from body. Bel juice can be the best drink during this scorching summers! My whole family loves to have this refreshing drink in summers, it really refreshes you and gives instant energy to the body. This miracle bel ka sharbat or bel kajuice get ready in no time and requires no special appliance or gadgets to prepare this yummy juice. You  just need a ripen bel fruit, a potato masher, (which is required to mesh the fruit pulp and is not at all compulsory, if you do not have it, you can also mesh the pulp with hands) sugar as per taste (you can also add honey or even jaggery for the sweetness) cold water and ice.

Bel / bael / bilva tree is a vital tree in Indian culture. Bell fruit in tamil is called vilva palam.This tree has many medicinal properties an all parts of this tree are used for medicinal purposes.  The texture of a ripe beal fruit pulp is sticky, slimy  and creamy

Bel / bael/ bilwa fruit, also known as wood apple, contains vitamins, protein, beta-carotene, thiamine, vitamin C and riboflavin. This fruit has smooth, hard and woody shell and sweet flesh inside. Bel ka sharbat or bel fruit juice is the most common and the easiest way to consume this magical fruit.

Bel fruit juice has many health benefits and do wonders in curing gastric ulcer, helps in cholesterol control and also reduces blood cholesterol levels, it also gives positive results to relax and sooth inflamed organs. Beal juice is the best remedy to reduce constipation and stomach pains. Beal juice when consumed with honey cures acidity and helps to cure diarrhea and dysentery without fever.

Bel juice / Wood apple juice with dry ginger powder, is when consumed by lactating mother’s helps to produce more milk for the infants.

And regular consumption of this miracle juice regularly prevents or can even cure breast cancer.

Beal juice is a very good source of vitamins and thus help to cure scurvy which occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin C. This juice gives resistance to cold and cures respiratory problems such as asthma and cold.

So let’s quickly see how to prepare this miracle bel ka sharbat / bel juice or wood apple squash ……



  • Wood apple / Bel fruit (ripen) -1
  • Sugar – ½ cup or as required
  • Water – 2 lts
  • Ice cubes


Method :

  1. For the juice choose ripen wood apple / beal / bel fruit. You can smell and check the fruit, if it has a strong fragrance and is not dark green in colour then the fruit is ripen is ready to be used for making juice.
  2. Wash and break the fruit shell with a rolling pin or mortal or with a heavy stone.
  3. Here I have used 1ripe bel fruit which will be sufficient to make around 6 glasses of bel juice.
  4. Once you hit the outer hard shell of the bel fruit few times with some heavy object, the shell will crack.
  5. Open the hard shell and you will see soft and mushy peachy aroma pulp inside. The colour of the ripen bel fruit varies from light brown to dark brown colour.
  6. Using a spoon, scoop out the soft pulp and collect it in a bowl.
  7. Add sugar and 1 liter of cold water into this pulp.
  8. Using a potato masher mesh this pulp very well until no lumps remain and all the sugar dissolves.
  9. Now place a juice strainer over a big bowl and strain this mashed mixture in parts, adding 2-3 cups while straining.
  10. Do not use a fine tea strainer to strain this pulp.
  11. Keep stirring and pressing the pulp in the strainer gently, so that the mixture strain well and fine pulp is extracted and seeds and coarse fibers are kept behind.
  12. Once the mixture is strained, you can adjust the consistency and sweetness of the juice by adding more water and sugar according to your liking.
  13. If you like you can also add jaggery instead of sugar.
  14. You can also add cardamom powder, roasted cumin powder or even black salt in the juice.
  15. But as my family like this juice just with sugar, so I do not add any of these seasonings into the juice.
  16. Add ice cubes to the prepared bel juice and serve it immediately, as its taste tends to change on keeping.
  17. So this summer, beat the heat with this natural coolant drink bel ka sharbat / bel juice.

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