Hello friends today we are going to learn how to prepare amla candy or gooseberry candy at home. It is a khatti meethi amla candy which is red in colour. Amla candy or gooseberry candy is very easy to prepare and requires very few ingredients. I am adding beetroot in it, to give a vibrant red colour to these candies. These purple/ red amla candies look so fascinating that everyone and even kids would love to have it.

To prepare these amla candies I have used grated amla/ gooseberry, grated beetroot and sugar. All are then mixed together and then sun dried. That’s it, yummy and healthy amla candy is ready.

There are lots and lots of benefits of eating gooseberry. There are many nutrients in amla gooseberry. It is also full of minerals and vitamins. Amla has an overall health benefit. Amla can be consumed in any form, such as amla juice, amla pickle, amla candy, amla murabba , dry amla.candy, amla murabba , dry amla.
So, go ahead and let’s see how to prepare  amla candy or khatta meetha amla lachcha…..



  • Indian gooseberry/ Amla – 1 kg
  • Beetroot – 250 gms
  • Powdered sugar – 500 gms


  1. Wash and grate fresh amla.
  2. Peel, wash and grate beetroots.
  3. Take a big mixing bowl/ plate, add grated amlas, grated beetroots and powdered sugar.
  4. Mix everything well.
  5. No lumps of sugar and beetroots should remain.
  6. Spread into a thin layer, if required you can spread it into 2-3 separate plates.
  7. Cover it with a clean muslin cloth and sundry it.
  8. Mix it once or twice in a day.
  9. The amlas can take up to 5-10 days to dry completely, depending on the sunlight.
  10. The amlas will dry from outside but will remain soft from inside.
  11. Once dried, transfer it into an air tight jar.
  12. It easily stays fresh for up to a year.
  13. If at any time you feel that amla are getting soft or have gain moisture, spread it in plate, in a sun light for a day or two and it will dry again.


  1. Always choose fresh amla which does not have any cuts, holes or marks.
  2. Peel and wash beetroots.

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