About Us

I’m Abida, a home cook, wife of a loving husband and a proud mother of two little, caring stars.☺
I have always been in a family with food loving people, no  matter whether it’s been my parental, home before my marriage or it is my in laws home after my marriage. Both my homes have a strong taste bud.
I have always been interested in trying food and recipes, whether its tweaking someone else’s recipe or creating my own, I love and enjoy it all.
My husband and my kids have always encouraged me and motivated me to try new recipes . I love to cook for them and feel satisfied and happy to see smile on their faces when they like the food and appreciate it .
I have loved cooking my entire life and over years , I have really worked hard at improving my home cooking. Cooking is my stress relief and gives me a creative outlet for all of these ideas that runs through my head.
Years passed by and today I have a good lot of collection of recipes.
And then one day, one of my friend suggested me of developing my own site, I liked the idea very much . Then, what was next …. it gave a new motive to my life and with full enthusiasm and zeal  I started working over it.
I would like to thank my mom, my mom in law, my sister in laws, my cousins,  my friends and all  my family members who have encouraged me and shared their precious recipes with me .
I would also like to thank my cousins who guided me and helped me in creating this beautiful site.
And,  last but not the least I would thank my husband  for always being with me and helping me in his  best possible way.
Without all of your help it would not have been possible for me to reach till here.
So, get ready all the foodies, who have passion for cooking and enjoy serving goodies.

     Have a flavourful eating..